Purchasing Recital Ticket through Tututix

Info and tips for purchasing tickets

If you have any issues purchasing tickets, you're welcome to call tututix directly at 435.222.2849 option 5.


When you visit the site, you will need to create an account to check out – it is a pretty fast process. In order to purchase tickets, first select the show you want and all of the ticket options will display.

- If you are purchasing single show tickets, it is pretty straightforward.  Choose the number of adult and student tickets and then you will be prompted to select seats. If you want to buy tickets for more than one  show, it will add the first show to your cart then give you an option to  ‘continue shopping’ at which point you can select another show.  Don’t forget that children under the age of 2 sitting in your lap do not need a ticket, nor do dancers performing in that show as they’ll be backstage with us the entire time.

- If  you are purchasing 2 show tickets, please note that these are meant to be used for ONE person attending TWO different shows.  Orders in violation are subject to cancellation. You will select the first show you want to go to, then ‘2 show adult ticket’. Choose your seat and add it to your cart. You will then go back and select the second show you want to attend, choose ‘2 show adult ticket’ again and select your seat for that show. The 2 show tickets  are individually priced for each show so that when you select them for 2  different shows it adds up to the $26 total (plus fees).

- If you are purchasing a 3 show ticket the process is the same as above, but you’ll do it for all 3 shows instead of just 2. 

To stress: If you're attending multiple shows, you still need to buy a ticket for each show. Purchasing one multi-show ticket covers one show.

Tip: If you're not utilizing the seats that Tututix auto-assigns and are selecting your own seats, you'll need to remove the originally assigned seats after selecting your new seats and the associated ticket type.

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